Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre, Film, and video Production~Minor in Film Studies--University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO

Associate Degree of General Studies--Community College of Aurora, Aurora, CO

Associate Degree of Applied Sciences--Community College of Aurora, Aurora, CO

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society


Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel 2012-Current (Editor) Comcast

TIEMPO EXTRA BG GFX 2017 (Graphics) Telemundo Denver

"Dale Diego Dale"-Taekwondo segment. Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel 2016 (Director of Photography) Comcast

Street Level, Navajo Street Art District 2016 (Producer/Director/Editor) CPT12 PBS

Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin 2015 (Editor) CPT12 PBS

Street Level, Trillium Segment 2015 (Editor) CPT12 PBS

La Scuola. The School of Jefferson Rubin 2013 (Editor) CPT12 PBS ~ 2014 Heartland Regional EMMY® Winner

Entertainment Tonight-Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show EPK 2012 (Editor) Janicek Media

VODIAB 2011-2012 (Editor) Comcast

Comcast Central 2011-2012 (Editor) Comcast

The Restaurant Show 2006-2007 (Editor) Douglas County Television

Remembering Ron King 2006 (Editor) Douglas County Television

The Noise Floor 2005 (Editor) Filament Productions


Crossover - Exhibition Video 2016 (Editor) Schler Productions (2017 Heartland EMMY® Nominee)

Daniel Sprick: Painting Out-of-Doors - Museum of Outdoor Arts 2016 (Editor) CPT12 PBS

Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin 2015 (Editor) CPT12 PBS

Woody Herman: Blue Flame 2012 (Editor) Jazzed Media

Sudden Cardiac Arrest 2005 (Editor) Apogee Communications Group

Heart Disease and Women 2005 (Editor) Apogee Communications Group

Heart Disease- Prevention 2005 (Editor) Apogee Communications Group


The Here Between 2010 (Visual Effects) Ilian Film.

Official Selection 2011 Cannes Film Festival ~ Semi-Finalist 2010 Mid-Atlantic Black Film Festival ~ Official Selection 2011 Texas Black Film Festival ~ Best Drama Winner 2011 New York International Film festival in NY ~ Best Drama Winner 2011 New York International Film Festival in LA

Juncture 2006 (Assistant Editor) Front Range Film, LLC. ~ 2007 Starz Denver International Film Festival

Dragon and the Hawk 2001 (Production Assistant) Inferno Film Production, LLC.

Web Video

Women of Abstract Expressionism 2017 (Editor) CPT12 PBS

Jiminy Wicket Bridging the Generations through playing Croquet 2016 (Editor) Schler Productions

Passport - Denver International Airport 2016 (Editor) Schler Productions

Rita B Salon 2016 (Editor) Schler Productions

Pem Dunn - Painter 2016 (Editor) Schler Productions

William Stoehr - Painter 2015 (Editor) Schler Productions

Karen Scharer - Painter 2015 (Editor) Schler Productions

Carlene Frances - Artist 2015 (Editor) Schler Productions

Michael Bryan - Artist 2015 (Editor) Schler Productions

Gordon Parks - Lithographs 2014 (Editor) Schler Productions

Lithography 2014 (Editor) Schler Productions

Micahel Madzo - Collage Artist 2013 (Editor) Schler Productions

Deborah Rael-Buckley - Sculptor 2013 (Editor) Schler Productions

Peter Burega - Painter 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Laura Wait - Painter 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Phoenix Rising 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Ted Gall - Sculptor 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

T Barny - Sculptor 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Rick Stevens - Painter 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Gregory Frank Harris - Painter 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Eric Boyer - Sculptor 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Charlotte Foust - Painter 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Jennifer J.L. Jones - Painter 2012 (Editor) Schler Productions

Various Spots2006 (Editor) Douglas Couty Television

Various Corporate Spots2006 - 2008 (Editor) VideoBloom, Inc.


Baby Einstein, Baby's First Moves 2006 (Production Assistant) Janicek~Marino / Disney

“I think that emotional content is an image’s
most important element, regardless of the photographic technique.
Much of the work I see these days lacks the emotional impact to
draw a reaction from viewers,or remain in their hearts.”